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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ms Jean is Stepping Down as Club Organizational Leader

Hello Sci-Tech Engineer Members and Families,

It has been a great 5 years running the club. But now I must step down due to family and business demands. I sincerely hope that someone else steps up to take on this very important roles in the club. Note that I will still be around and be offering some projects as my schedule allows. I am always here to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability or direct you where to find the answer. Watch for emails for what will be happening next in Sci-Tech Engineers 4-H Club.

Yours Truly,
Ms Jean

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer is COMING!

Hello Sci-Tech Engineers Members,
Summer is coming and we need to plan for our club field trip. Be sure to bring your ideas to our May 9th meeting.

I am not sure if we will be able to have our club day camp this year at my house due to the amount of clean up we still have to do to our property. As summer arrives and I see how much clean up we get accomplished, I will make a determination at that point in time. We may plan some other type of activity like maybe going to a local park for a club picnic.

Keep working on your projects. I know some of you have completed and evaluated projects done. WAY TO GO! If you need a project let me know. If you need help with a project be sure to talk to your project leader or you may always call me and I can see what we can do to help you out.

Any questions please feel free to email or call me.

Ms Jean

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Club 2014 Calandar

Hello Sci-Tech Engineers 4-H Club families,
Updated: June 12, 2014
Here is the Club Calendar as it currently stands for solid dates. As things are planned and added I will revise this post. Check the above date to confirm you are looking at the latest updates. Email me if you want a printable copy at any time. NOTE: Most County activities require advanced registration, be sure to check if this is needed.
~Ms. Jean

2014 Sci-Tech Engineers 4-H Club Schedule -
Club Planned (light green)     County Planned (yellow)
This schedule does not include our club’s project leaders individual project meetings OR meetings for other 4-H clubs. These will be planned with the project leaders/other clubs. We do try to not overload the schedule each month at least at the club/project level. As we get more members and project leaders, members will have to choose what projects they wish to participate in.
County activities listed here are just a few offered that we recommend and try to plan around. They are something each individual may elect to participate in on their own.
NOTE: ANNUAL Club DUES are due in to Ms Jean by February 28     $20 for the 1st child, $15 for the 2nd child, $10 for the 3rd child and $5 for every child after that.  All club dues need to be paid by the end of February.


4H Benefit Auction Club Basket Donations: The THEME??  Donations to Ms Jean or Ms Andrea by March 14th meeting.
February 21 Officers Training / Lock-in- 5:30pm – 10:30pm Admission: Five non perishable food items and a snack to share. Pizza & drinks provided at 6pmLearn the details about being an officer in 4-H after pizza. Then it is a party with your 4-H friends.
February 28- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion

MarchMarch- Spring Fundraiser starts-  Fundraiser type to be determined at the Feb 28th meeting - Mickey's Pizza dates to be announced

March 7- Movie Night at 4-H Center 6:30pm

March. 9 - Achievement Day- 2 pm, at the 4-H Center.
March 14- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion 4-H Club Basket Donations Due.

March 21 York County 4-H Auction @ 4-H Center 6pm.

March 22 10am to 4pm Club Promote 4-H/Demo at "Science is Amazing" Festival See Ms Andrea

March 29- Trout Seasons opens for fishing opportunities for interested members. See Ms Jean

April 5 Cloverbud Camp @ 4-H Center

April 6th Fishing Opportunity for any one interested- Starview Sportsmen Association Annual Fishing Rodeo for youth 15 and under. FREE.

April 11- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion

Speak Out Contest- Two dates this year: April 10, @ 4-H Center, and May 13 @the extension office.

April 26 Tractor Supply Clover Event and Hot Dog Fundraiser 10am to 4pm  


Speak Out Contest- Two dates this year: April 10, @ 4-H Center, and May 13 @ the extension office.

May 9- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion

June 13- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion

June 16-19 4-H County Survivor Camp  Info in Clover Press must sign up ahead!


NOTE: All projects must be to leaders for evaluation by July 31st.
July 11- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion NOTE- May be canceled due to club outing.
July 14th Club outing at John Rudy Park. Contact Ms Jean or Ms Andrea for details.

Start collecting Back to School Donations for HOPE (due August 22th)

NOTE: No Meeting due to Club Demo at 4H

*August 7-11 4-H Fair
Club Demo!

August 22 Back to School Donations for HOPE Due

Sammy’s Sandwich Sale Start 5th orders in by Sept 19th Pick Up Sept 25

September 2 all entries due to York Fair

*September 5-14 York Fair

September 19- Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Location to be announced


NOTE: Start re-enrollment and plan for starting 2015 projects.

October 10 - Whole Club Meeting 6:30 Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion

NOTE: No whole club meeting in November due to club banquet.

November 8th  - (Second Saturday) Club Banquet @ 2:00pm Location to be announced


NOTE: No whole club meeting in December due to holidays.

December 13 Breakfast with Santa

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year Sci-Tech Engineers Members

We are off to a great start for 2014! Enrollment is all wrapped up except for any new members we pick up going forward. Many of you have started projects in our club. Many of you have decided to also participate in the Shooting Sports Club. We have picked up a few more leaders which helps us out a lot when planning activities.

We are going to continue to work on the projects we have started until they are completed and evaluated. As you finish up a project you can add in another project as long as you are only working on 2 projects at the same time. New project offerings will be announced as we get closer to wrapping up the ones we currently have started.

Cloverbuds are going to be starting soon for the ages 5-7 crowd. Contact me or Ms Andrea if you are age 5-7 and want to join the Cloverbuds.
NOTE: 4-H age applies which means you must be one of these ages by January 1st of the current year to participate. Ages 8 to 18 are regular 4-H members.

Do not worry if the snow causes us to cancel any meetings. We will make sure that we cover what needs covered in emails or we will plan a reschedule of a meeting. It will not snow forever. :-) Please keep an eye on email for any updates especially if the weather does not play nice on a meeting night. Please promptly reply to emails so we know everyone got the message if schedules change.

Our next whole club meeting is January 23 at 6:30 at Family Of God Community Church, 147 1st Avenue, Red Lion. We will be having a guest speaker and activity, so hope you all can attend. It would be great if a few of you could step up to provide some light, healthy refreshments and drinks. Pop me an email.

I will be posting and sending out a tentative calendar for 2014 soon. Any questions about anything 4-H related please pop me an email or phone call.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2014!
Ms. Jean

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sci-Tech Engineers 4-H Club Testing- Read below

I am trying to see how we can better use our Club Blog. If you are a member/parent of member in our club please post a quick comment so I can test out this feature. 

Please put a quick why you like 4-H and/or our club so far! Please sign your name to your post...First name and last Initial only.

I will only approve comments from club members/parents of club members.

I am in the process of figuring out the best way and how to add club photos here to share.

Thanks a bunch, Ms Jean